Spend some island time at a sophisticated hideaway hotel.


Welcome to
Exes Naha

This is a hideaway in Naha.
All guest rooms created to cater to your holiday needs at this hideaway are 40 square meters or larger.
We provide a serene, pleasant space in which Japanese and Ryukyuan cultures fuse.

Check-in 15:00~

Check-out ~11:00


Welcome to Exes Naha

Guest Room Information



    A villa-style room with a private pool that lets you lose track of time.
    Have a luxurious holiday in a soothing setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Area 85㎡
    Capacity 4people
    Pool Size 2.5m×4.5m×depth1.15m
    Floors Top Floor(10F)
    Number of Guest Rooms 1room


    A villa-style room with a private pool that lets you lose track of time.
    Have a luxurious holiday in a soothing setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Area 57㎡
    Capacity 2people
    Pool Size Kumoji, Tomari:2m×3.5m×depth1.15m
    Floors Top Floor(10F)
    Number of Guest Rooms 3room
  • EXES Premier Grand Suite

    EXES Premier
    Grand Suite

    Have a joyous time with your family and close friends.
    A modern Japanese room with a bed placed on tatami mats allows you to unwind comfortably with a peace of mind.

    Area 68㎡
    Capacity 4people
    Floors 3 - 9F
    Number of Guest Rooms 7room
    EXES Premier Corner Twin

    EXES Premier
    Corner Twin

    Area 47㎡
    Capacity 2people
    Floors 8-9F
    Number of Guest Rooms 2room
    EXES Premier Twin

    EXES Premier

    All you need is the special keyword. Enjoy the real pleasure of staying at a hotel full of heart-throbbing temptations.

    Area 40㎡
    Capacity 2people
    Floors 8-9F
    Number of Guest Rooms 14room
    Premier Corner Twin

    Premier Corner

    A hotel is a "tool" to express yourself.
    Even if you are staying for business, select a healing space that will raise your awareness.

    Area 47㎡
    Capacity 2people
    Floors 3-7F
    Number of Guest Rooms 5room
    Premier Twin

    Premier Twin

    A hotel is a "tool" to express yourself.
    Even if you are staying for business, select a healing space that will raise your awareness.

    Area 40㎡
    Capacity 2people
    Floors 3 - 7F
    Number of Guest Rooms 34room


Relish special “Ryukyuan dishes” from the courteous Kingdom of Ryukyu, created to welcome distinguished guests from foreign countries.


Restaurant Information

Lunch 12:00-15:00(L.O.14:30)
*Last entry at 13:30.
Dinner 18:00-21:00(L.O.21:00)
*Last entry at 20:00.
Closed Mondays
Reservation Tel. 098-860-1133

Lunch &



Loo - Choo
Loo - Choo
Loo - Choo
Loo - Choo
Loo - Choo




A refined bar where you can savor our original cocktails,
Okinawan distilled spirit Awamori, and renowned alcoholic beverages from around the world.




*Reservations required by 21:00 the day before.

Breakfast is served in the room for all guests. Reservations can be made through the TV installed in the guest rooms. Our special breakfast packed with the blessings of the island is “nuchi gusui (soul nourishing),” the source of health for people living in Okinawa.



One of the traditional Okinawan dishes.
The Hantagawa area in Shuri, Naha City, is rich with spring water that tofu-making flourished and supported the local diet so much so that it was called “the Village of Tofu.”


We offer a place that allows you to have a liberating,
holiday feeling away from the bustle of the city.
*Not heated pool.

HOURS 11:00 - 20:00 (April - October)
POOL SIZE 5m×9m Depth:1.35m
AGES Ages 4 years old and up
(12 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, 8 years old and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when entering the water)
・Water Wings
・Floats and other swimming aids
* Swimwear is not available for rent.
Garden Pool
Garden Pool
Garden Pool

Facilities & Services

We welcome you with various facilities and services to provide a superb, comfortable resort stay.

Training Gym

- 10th floorTraining

Work out at a fully equipped gym while basking in the morning sun. Energize your mind and body, and start your wonderful day feeling refined.

Hours 24 hours
Ages 16 years old and up
(No admission for under 16 years old)
Note For hotel guests only
Unlock by room card key
Club Lounge
Club Lounge

- 1st floorEXES Lounge

A luxurious space for adults to enjoy a hotel stay of a higher quality. EXES lounge is available for guests staying in EXES Pool Villa Suite, EXES Premier Grand Suite.

HOURS: 7:00~21:00


  • Coin Operated

  • Parking Lot

  • Smoking Area

  • Ice Maker
  • Concierge
  • Valet
  • Massage
  • Cleaning


Easily accessible 10-minute drive from Naha Airport



1-11-5 Izumizaki, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0021

Tel. +81 98-860-3300

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Frequently Asked

About Rooms

  • What is the maximum number of guests per room?
    Capacity varies by room.
    Premier Twin (2 persons)
    Premier Corner Twin (2 persons)
    EXES Premier Twin (2 persons)
    EXES Premier Grand Suite (4 persons)
    EXES Pool Villa Suite Kumoji,Tomari,Shikina(2 persons)
    EXES Pool Villa Suite Shuri (4 persons)
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
    Check-in is from 15:00 to 24:00 and check-out is 11:00.
    (It may vary depending on the accommodation plan, so please check each accommodation plan for details.)
  • Can I extend my check-out time?
    If you wish to extend the check-out time, we will charge an additional fee.
    For each hour of extension, 10% of the accommodation fee (per room) on the last day of stay will be paid locally.
  • Do you have wheelchair accessible rooms?
    We have one universal room. (with emergency alarm lamp)
    In addition, 1 wheelchair-accessible toilet, wheelchair rental available (2 high chairs), 1 wheelchair-accessible parking space (paid), 3 rental wheelchairs
    If you have any other questions, please contact the hotel directly.
  • Can the beds be put together?
    It is possible to put two beds together. Please let us know if you would like one.
  • Do you have connecting rooms?
    Unfortunately, we do not have it available.
  • Is it possible to arrange adjoining rooms?
    We will do our best to accommodate your request, however, please understand that it depends on the reservation status and room type.
    *Please note that Premier Grand Suite rooms are limited to one room per floor.
  • Cancellation Fees
    In principle, cancellation fees will be charged as follows
    Cancellation on the day of stay: 100% of the room charge
    Cancellation on the day before stay: 50% of the room charge
    Cancellation 3 days prior to the stay: 30% of the room charge
    Cancellation 7 days prior to the stay: 20% of the room charge
    *Cancellation fee may differ depending on the accommodation plan. In such cases, please note that the cancellation fee indicated on the plan will apply.
    The following charges will apply for no-shows.
    No-show/no-arrival without notice: 100% of the room charge

About Restaurant

  • What kind of restaurants are available?
    At Loo - Choo, the first dish is a traditional Ryukyu appetizer (tunda-bun) for entertaining important guests, followed by the refined taste of shark's fin, abalone, and other high-end ingredients used in courtly cooking and prepared with pork and bonito broth, the basis of Ryukyuan cuisine. Please enjoy the combination of Ryukyuan court cuisine, which has been handed down for a long time, and Okinawan creative cuisine that incorporates many ingredients produced in the prefecture.
  • When is the restaurant closed?
    Closed on Mondays.
  • Can I make a reservation in advance?
    Reservations are required up to 2 days in advance for lunch and dinner. We recommend that you contact us in advance to make reservations in case your preferred time is full or there is an event on a particular day. TEL.098-860-3300
  • Do you have private rooms in the restaurant?
    Private rooms are available in the restaurant.
    Loo - Choo
    13 private rooms (10 for 4 persons, 2 for 6 persons, 1 for 10 persons)
  • Does the restaurant have seating with a view?
    "Loo - Choo" has private rooms facing the garden pool.
  • Do you accommodate food allergies?
    Special menus can be prepared with advance reservations.
    Tel. 098-860-3300
  • We would like to celebrate our anniversary. Can you provide flowers, cake, etc.?
    Yes, it is possible.
    Please contact us at least 3 days in advance for reservations and inquiries.
    We can also arrange for bouquets, whole cakes, and champagne (with fee).
    We can also assist you in making a surprise for your guests during your meal at the restaurant.
  • I am only using the restaurant. Do I have to pay for parking?
    No you don't.
    If you use the restaurant, you may use it for up to 3 hours free of charge.
  • Can I rent out the restaurant?
    Yes, you can. Please contact the restaurant directly.

About Facilities

  • Do you have a training gym?
    Located on the top, the 10th floor.
    *Age: 16 years old and older (15 years old and younger are not allowed to enter).
    *Shoes can be rented for a fee.
    Open 24 hours
    Free of charge for guests
  • Do you have a swimming pool?
    A garden pool is available on the 2nd floor.
    Period April-October  Fee: Free for guests External use: Not available
    Hours 14:00 - 20:00  Pool size 5m x 9m, Depth 1.35m * Not heated
    Age limit for use: 4 years and older (12 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian; 8 years and younger must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian when entering the water)
    Food and beverage restrictions: No food or beverage in the pool, no food or beverage by the pool, food and beverage by the terrace are allowed.
    No tattoos, including one-point tattoos, are permitted in the hotel or any of its facilities. Guests are required to wear a jacket inside the facilities and a rash guard in the swimming pool.
  • Is there a large public bath?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a public bath available.
  • Is there an ice machine available?
    Ice machines are located on each floor.
    However, on the 10th floor, our staff will bring ice to the guest room as soon as we receive request from the guest.
  • Do you have a cleaning service?
    Yes, we do. Our hotel cooperates with "Sawada Cleaning" and offers the following hours.
    On the same day: 10:00 for reception, 19:00 for finishing
    Please contact the front desk staff for more information.
  • What items are available for rental?
    Charged: Cribs, strollers, wheelchairs, and rebronzers (hair dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons)
    Free: bed guard, dehumidifier, shower chair, hair iron, thermometer, ice pack, trouser press, iron
  • Can I use photocopying and fax machines?
    Please ask the front desk staff on the 1st floor.
    [Black and white] B5/A4/B4/A3 ¥10 per side
    [Color] A3: ¥80 per side B5/A4/B4: ¥50 per side
  • What kind of business support is available?
    All guestrooms are WiFi-capable, and wireless and wired Internet services are available for free of charge.
    You can easily access the Internet by simply connecting your own computer to the connection port on your desk with a LAN cable.
    ・LAN cables can be borrowed. (3 cables are available).
    *Depending on your computer, you may need to change the settings.
    Please note that the hotel will not be able to answer any technical questions, so please set up your computer by yourself.
    ・Photocopying and fax services (at the front desk)
    ・Courier service
    ・Cell phone charger (available for rent)
    *iPhone (3 pcs)/android (3 pcs)
  • Do you offer anniversary celebrations or surprise services?
    Yes, we can make arrangements.
    Please make a reservation at least 3 days prior to your stay.
    We can also arrange for bouquets, whole cakes, and champagne (with fee).
    We can deliver them to your room or surprise you with them during your meal at the restaurant.
  • Is there a wheelchair-accessible restroom?
    There is one wheelchair-accessible restroom on the first floor.
  • Is there a smoking area?
    All guest rooms (including balconies), restaurants, and other spaces in the hotel are non-smoking, however, in order to accommodate guests who smoke, a smoking area has been set up next to the laundromat on the first floor. If you wish to smoke, please smoke in the designated smoking area.
  • Can I have my luggage sent ahead or lost items sent to me?
    ・For forwarding your luggage, please send it to the following address with the name of the representative person who made the reservation and the check-in date clearly indicated.
    OKINAWA KARIYUSHI RESORT EXES NAHA, 1-11-5 Izumisaki, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0021, Japan
    ・We will keep your lost items during your stay for a certain period of time.
    Please contact the hotel directly for information on how we can send your lost items to you. Please note that you will be responsible for the shipping costs.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    The following credit card companies are accepted at the hotel.
    VISA, Diners, JCB, DC, UC, Amex, OCS, Milion, Saison, AEON, and UnionPay cards are accepted.
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?
    Yes, there is a Lawson convenience store on the first floor of the adjacent building.
  • What nearby beaches are available?
    "Naha City Nami-no-Ue Beach" is located about 10 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Is there a car rental nearby?
    "Nippon Rent-a-Car Kencho-mae Office (TEL. 098-867-4554)" is located about 3 to 4 minutes on foot from the hotel.
  • Is parking available at the hotel?
    The hotel offers a car valet service (car transfer and dispatch by staff) and has a parking lot that is open 24 hours a day.
    ¥1,800 (1 night) ¥3,000 (2 nights and more)
    Front parking: 3 spaces 1 space for the disabled
    Multi-level parking for 38 cars:
    33 medium-sized passenger cars [height: 1,550mm]
    5 medium-sized semi-high-roof cars [vehicle height: 1,850mm]
  • Is room relaxation available?
    Yes, it is. Our hotel cooperates with "Biken Wakasa" and offers the following hours.
    Biken Wakasa: Weekdays 14:00-25:30
    Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 17:00-25:30
    *Last admission at 25:00.
    Please ask the front desk staff when using this service.
    Note: This service is for the purpose of relaxation and does not provide treatment or medical care.
  • Is there a laundromat available?
    Coin-operated laundry available 24 hours a day on the 1st floor.
    Electric (automatic detergent): 3 units
    Swimsuit spin-drier (free of charge) Note: Swimsuit only
    Washing and drying: ¥800 for 120 minutes, ¥600 for 100 minutes
    Washing only: ¥300 for 35 minutes
    Drying only: ¥100 for 20 minutes
    You can check the laundry usage status from the TV in your room.

About Banquet

  • Where is the location and what is the capacity of the banquet hall?
    The hotel does not have a banquet hall, however, there are plans to use the 2nd floor garden pool area for 20 to a maximum of 50 people, as well as private rooms in Restaurant Loo-Choo.
    We also have a banquet plan that allows you to reserve the 2nd floor bar for 10 to 15 persons.
    TEL. 098-860-3300
  • Do you offer any banquet plans?
    Poolside Party Plan ¥8,800 / ¥11,000 per person (including food and beverages)
    Bar Charter Plan ¥5,500 per person (including food and beverages)
    We also have plans for various celebrations (birth anniversary, engagement, etc.) Please contact the hotel for more information.

About With Children

  • Do you have a children's menu?
    Breakfast for children from 4 years old to preschool age is ¥2,750 including tax, and advance reservation is required.
    Children of elementary school age and older will be served the same meal and content as adults.
  • Do you offer baby food?
    If you would like to heat baby food (microwave heating) or sterilize baby bottles, please feel free to ask our staff.
    If you would like to take baby food at the restaurant, please feel free to ask the restaurant staff.
  • Can children sleep with me?
    For preschool children (before entering elementary school), one child per adult can sleep together in the room.
    The maximum number of children per room is 2.
  • Do you have bed guards?
    Yes, rental is available free of charge.
    Prior reservation is recommended due to limited availability.
    Inquiry by phone: Tel. 098-860-3300
  • Do you have a crib?
    Yes, two cribs (0-12 months) are available. ¥1,000 per day.
    However, cribs may not be rented for children who are standing or walking.
    Advance reservation is recommended due to limited availability.
    Inquiries by phone: Tel. 098-860-3300
  • Do you have a stroller?
    Yes, we have 3 strollers (for up to 3 years old and under 15 kg).
    Charged ¥1,500 for 1 day
    ¥3,000 for 2 days
    ¥4,500 for 3 days *From the 4th day, ¥1,500 for each additional day.
    Type A and Type B strollers are available for ¥1,500 per stroller per day, tax included.
    This service is for children aged 1 month to 3 years and weighing up to 15 kg. You can also take it out with you.
    Please inquire in advance as there is a limit to the number of items available.
    Inquiries by phone: Tel. 098-860-3300
  • Do you have loungewear for children?
    Yes, we do.
    One size (100cm) of separate type is available.
    We have a limited number of items, so please inquire in advance if you would like one.
  • Is there a facility fee for infants?
    There is no facility fee for infants.
  • Do you sell diapers and baby food?
    Unfortunately, diapers and baby food are not available at the hotel.
    There are convenience stores, Don Quijote and other large specialty stores nearby. Please inquire hotel staff for more information.

Peaceful Resort in Okinawa

This is a safe haven for adults. Enjoy the history and culture of Okinawa in its entirety. Enjoy Okinawa with all your senses now as an adult. Spend your holiday in Naha with island time.

Peaceful Resort in Okinawa